Bobcats Guard Matt Carroll: We’ll win 2013 NBA Championship

  • Guard Matt Carroll #33 of the Charlotte Bobcats

Follows lead of Panthers center Ryan Kalil in predicting championship for city of Charlotte by taking out his own full page add in Charlotte Observer.

Dear Charlotte Bobcats fans: Get ready for an NBA Title to go along with that Super Bowl season.

That is the message from Bobcats guard Matt Carroll, who took out his own full page add in the Charlotte Observer, after earlier in the week Panthers center Ryan Kalil took out an add promising a Super Bowl victory.  Carroll wanted to let fans know that their “unwavering support” would be rewarded this year.


With what he calls a “One hundred-percent, sterling silver victory. Or whatever the trophy is made of.  I’m not sure.”

Kalil, a three-time Pro Bowl participant, shared his 178-word open letter with an Observer reporter before buying the ad, which he called “a war cry to the fans.” In it, he predicts this Panthers season will end in New Orleans, with the first Super Bowl title in the franchise’s 18-year history.

And now Carroll, a two-time Bobcats bench warmer, is doing the same.  He did not tell anyone with the team about the ad, because he didn’t want to be talked out of doing it.

Despite the secrecy, the sentiment with the team seems to be one of full support for the add.  Speaking to reporters outside Time Warner Cable arena, team mate Desagana Diop was quoted as saying “I believe in Matt.  He’s such a leader to this team.  And I tell you what…I’ll take it a step further….we’re going undefeated.”

Many locals wonder after last years’ NBA record worst 7-59 record, how such a turnaround can happen so fast?  But the team seems to believe in itself, and there’s a new coaching staff and a renewed sense of urgency. 

Oft injured Bobcats forward Tyrus Thomas also mentioned the possibility that next year’s Bobcat team could possibly even defeat the much heralded 1992 US Olympic Dream Team.  One thing is for sure fans…things in Charlotte all of a sudden just got a lot more interesting.